How To Send Free Sms Text Using Gmail

If your prepaid balance just went to 0 and cant reload because all stores are closed then no worries just go to gmail and send a quick sms. It is now possible to send free text online using gmail. If you used a phone to activate your gmail account then this option will be available for you. There are a number supported mobile operators where you can use this service. By going to this LINK you can check if this mobile service is available for your country.

You are given 50 sms credits by gmail. The way this works is if you send a free text, your sms credit is decreased by 1. If you recieved a message from a phone (including your phone as sender) to gmail, your sms credit will increase by 5 (sender will pay the minimum amount per text, may vary in each country) to a maximum of 50 sms credits. Your sms credit wont go to zero as long as there is a reply to your gmail.

Here is a guide on how to send free sms text:

1. Log in to you gmail account. Click Gmail dropdown button.

2. Go to contacts

3. Go to the bottom left and input name of the person your texting in the search box and in the popup choose send SMS

4. After clicking send SMS input the number of the person your texting and click save.

5. Choose your contact. Send your sms text in the sms Chat box. Your Done!

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