Free IP to Country Website Script

When you want to know the details of an ip address, you would usually go to an ip checker website. These websites will give you most of the details regarding the location of the ip address in this world. People who want to know the location of the sender of an email use this websites frequently. Also, proxy users use these websites because they want to know the country of the proxy ip address so that they can bypass some restrictions if their country is blocked to access the url. These websites are building traffic because they host the tools to check the ip address. There is a free website script that will check ip to country that you can host for your own website to build traffic and that is what I am going to share in this post.

I want to share a website script where you can create your own IP to country checker website. This is a website script where you need to upload the files to your webserver in order to work. This is very easy to install. You may have to be familiar with hosting in order to install this script.

Things you need in order to install this website script:
1. Your own webserver. You can have a free webserver just google it.
2. mysql database
3. Your or your free subdomain where you can get HERE

You can go to this link to see the demo and features: DEMO
Download Script Here: Download

This is the front end of the demo.

This is the result if I will search ip address

Instructions to install the script are included in the download.

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  1. This script works better on paid hosting because of bandwith...

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