Locate your Local IP and Public IP address

To connect to a network you will have to acquire IP addresses both local and public. Your local IP address is a private IP address that is  reserved for private network use and is within three reserved IP address range. Your public IP address is what the internet sees given by your ISP and is not in the range reserved for private IP addresses.

In order to locate your local IP address for windows you can use the ipconfig command in cmd and it will be the the number beside IPv4 address.

Next, lets find your public IP address. These are some ways on how to get them.

1. You will be able to see your public IP address by visiting this POST.
2. You can go to whatismyip.com and will be shown like this.

3. You can go to google.com and type "what is my ip", at the top of the results your public IP will be shown.


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