How to make youtube videos play faster

Everyone wants to make their youtube videos play faster. For sometime now I haven't had much buffering when I go to youtube and watch the videos since I have been changing the quality of the videos to minimum. Minimum settings are still very watchable. You may have heard about changing the quality of the videos to make videos load faster. I myself have a internet connection that makes youtube videos buffer when still set on the default quality setting. Here i will show you how to make your youtube videos play faster in 2 simple steps.

Step 1: Go to your youtube video and locate the change quality button as seen in the image below

Step 2: Change the the default setting 360p to 240p.

Your done! Your youtube videos play faster now. Say goodbye to buffering.


  1. Thank you! works well!

  2. I love you Olrac! What's your ym?

    1. Hi anonymous! your welcome if you liked this post... unfortunately i dont share my ym to strangers. :)