How to know a domains IP address using ping

A domain is a identifier for IP addresses. We use domains because it is much easier to remember domains rather than IP address. If you choose compared to then will be the right choice. We barely use the IP address that is cloaked by the domain but we will never know until they might be useful. So here is a guide to get the IP address of a domain. We will be using Windows 7 as the OS for this guide.

Open cmd.exe
Steps: Go to Start > Search programs and files > type cmd click enter or > click open cmd.exe at the results

Just type ping <domain> as the command. Example in the image below and just copy the IP address and your done!


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  2. You can check domain ip address using the Ping easily.
    GOTO START>RUN>type CMD>ping
    it shows the ip address of Google
    You can also use the site and check Domain name address very easily.

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